Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ein Bokek

This it the season of hiking and vacationing. One of our good friends invited us on a hike at Ein Bokek near the southern tip of the Dead Sea. The description of the hike was: "Family hike, but not for strollers". Ok, it was listed at 4 to 4.5 hours, but many family hikes are listed long because the kids drag it out.

The place was in the middle of the dessert. My wife loves the desert. Its her favorite terrain and the Dead Sea is her favorite place on earth. I'm not a desert person. It is too hot, it is empty and there is no shade.

I think that this is the first really long hike we have taken since coming to Israel. We started hiking at 11am and finished close to 5pm. I was very nervous about this hike because I have a history of getting ill in the desert. Not to worry, I was fine! We drank many liters of water (26). The biggest problem was that the final hour of the hike was basically a climb down the mountain at the beginning of this post.

My wife does not do well downhill. She is not spry or light on her feet. About a third of the way down the mountain she tripped and fell. After a short timeout to pass out due to shock, we cleaned her up and helped her down the mountain. That last hour took just over two hours. I am very proud of my sons. They basically held my wife's hand the whole way down, searching for the best placed to walk and for the path of lease resistance.

After I drove two hours back home, I called in our oldest son to take his mother to the emergency care center. We were concerned that a deep cut on her elbow might need stitches. Thanks to God, everything is fine and all she needs is a few bandages and some rest.

It is wonderful to have kids, not only will they help us when we grow old, but they are always there for us in times of need!


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