Thursday, November 16, 2006

Polnad #2 - Oct 24, 2006 - Treblinka

Here is the plan. Make a big clearing in the forest. Two or three football fields in each direction. Run train tracks from the nearest major city, say Cleveland. Now ship trains of 60 cars with 100 people per car. Put the trains in a holding area and break then up into sets of three cars each. Send each group of cars every 30 minutes to the station. Get everyone out. Split them up into men and women and children. Tell them that they need to be deloused. Have them strip and cut the womens hair. Send each group to "the showers" and pump in poison gas for 30 minutes. Clear out the bodies to one of three open pit mass graves. Repeat until done.

Nothing is left of Treblinka except the open clearing. 870,000 people were killed here. 72 survived. This was a death camp, not a work camp. Himmler decided to remove all evidence so he had their graves dug up and the remains burnt and ground to powder. Why? If you succeed in wiping out whole communities, can you believe that it can be forgiven or forgotten by removing the evidence?

Consider the numbers. Take every person in Cleveland. The shop keepers. The teachers. The utility workers. Every household in every neighborhood. Send 6000 people every day for a year until no-one is left. The city is empty.

How, why?


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