Monday, June 04, 2007

Corporate Website

I finally got around to building a web site for my consulting company;

Surprisingly, the reason for putting the site up had nothing to do with marketing or presence or advertising. I needed a domain for a test server that I'm working on. In order to get it up and running, I wanted a reasonable URL that I owned. Well, I own JaffeStrategies, but I havn't bothered to put the web site up. Until now.

I used Joomla and its was reasonably simple. The biggest problem is that CMS systems don't think like developers or writers. They have their own internally consistent notion of how things should be arranged and how they should work. Once I got my brain around it, the implementation was not that bad.

I don't think this is where the site will end up. I have lots of ideas for making it better, but right now, it's just not worth my time tweaking it.